3 Ways to Increase Online Sales Using Facebook Ad Extensions

Why do internet marketers think it’s difficult to increase online sales? When was the last time you went to a store and saw someone buying something you saw their face when you read the name of the company or the logo on the side of the box? That’s called human psychology. Human beings are basically good at recognizing brand names. So it should not be that hard to convince customers who already trust your brand to buy more of your products.

Increase Online Sales

So what should you do to increase online sales with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising? The most important thing to remember is to advertise your business in a manner that increases trust and reduces skepticism. If you currently run PPC advertisements, you already know they appear high up in search engine results, above natural listings, and will drive highly targeted traffic to your website. But you could always do more.

One of the easiest ways to create greater urgency to purchase from your site is to offer a great way for your prospective customer to increase their credibility. This could be a “demo” or pre-order option, like offering a 10% off discount for five purchases, or offering a free video or audio recording download. Both offer credibility which makes prospects more likely to make a purchase in the future, as they feel better having done business with you. But in addition to using the pre-order or demo offer method, you could also offer a larger discount to new customers after they have purchased a certain number of items from you. A “ember” style coupon, for example, would work well – purchase one today, get one free tomorrow.

Another great way to increase online sales and gain greater urgency to buy is to use social media ads to draw attention to offers. For example, if you own a dog clothing company and offer a discount to people who use your coupons, it’s a great way to increase your audience and draw in new customers. Use social media ads to share information about new products that you are launching, news that may not be covered elsewhere, or simply about current sales and specials on your products. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to spread the word by making sure your audience knows about the new promotions.

Another great way to increase online sales is to build trust and a reputation with your users. To do this, you’ll want to encourage user interaction, respond to messages, and provide them with great content. You can do this by creating useful and relevant comments on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Provide real value to your contacts, and don’t be afraid to address issues with your contacts. This will instill confidence in your brand and help you build a credible user base, which will lead to leads back to your website.

When it comes to reputation building, remember that trust is earned, not given. Take the time to respond to comments, tweets, posts, emails and calls to action with a personalized message or tagline. You should also consider engaging your contacts directly by sending out a tweet or answer. As you build trust, other followers will begin to perceive you as a credible authority figure and may follow your suggestions. For example, if you’re an account owner on LinkedIn, you can share valuable information on the latest trends and news on your business or your industry. You’ll also gain credibility by connecting with people in your industry who may be searching for solutions to their problems.

Use social ad extensions to draw attention to your offers. Social ad extensions are tools that allow you to post an ad on selected social platforms such as Facebook or Google+ so that your target audience can see your promotional advertisements. These programs work by allowing you to create unique content, such as videos or pictures, which can be instantly shared by followers on these social platforms. The video or picture ads will appear on the right side of friends’ news feeds, increasing your exposure and conversion rate for your digital marketing efforts. Remember that in order to increase online sales, it’s important to build trust with your audience.

With a checkout process that is quick and easy, you can also improve conversions by including easy-to-understand steps. Lookalike audiences love to see clear, detailed and useful instructions. Place icons on your page that indicate different payment options, such as credit cards, Pay pal, and discount coupons so that customers can choose the best payment option for their individual needs. If you don’t offer detailed instructions for a particular transaction, customers may end up going to a competitor’s website instead of completing their purchase.

Posted by on September 15, 2021