5 Best SEO Tips 2012 for Blogger

5 Best SEO Tips 2012 for Blogger

Did you know that this year Google will apply 500 algorithm updates? If you do, then these five best SEO tips 2012 for Blogger can help you to avoid any unnecessary cause from the update. Recently on January 18, 2012, Google has applied its first update as the answer to many complain that they have received from their users (Google update affected above the fold ads)

Before we start with the five best SEO tips for Blogger, I assume that you already understand what a search engine is and how a search engine works.

What is a search engine?

A search engine is an algorithm program that is used to search for information using keywords or keyword phrase to find file document, images, videos and return in the form of a list of links. The way the search engine works is by sending spiders to crawl the world wide web, and then an indexer analyzes the information then creates an index and a form list of links.

And Google, the most powerful search, can index 2300 pages/second which means Google can index 19.8 billion pages per day, so no wonder Google is the most favorite search engine.

Now that you know how a search engine works let get back to the topic; check this out;

5 Best SEO Tips 2021 For Blogger

Best SEO Tip 1.

Loading Speed; you can see from the explanation above that search engines depend on Speed. Search engines work on Speed; therefore, your blog must load fast and have a clean code structure, whether it is HTML, PHP. Logically If it easy for you to load your blog, then it would be easy also for search engines to index your new page.

Best SEO Tip 2.

User Experience; Google panda will de-evaluate your page on SERPs if you put too many ads above the fold against Content.

Best SEO Tip 3.

Link Building: link popularity contest, if your page gets the most backlink, with the fastest backlink growth and the best authority backlink, then you will have got to be number one SERPs. Off-page search engine optimization gives 70% weight to On-page search engine optimization that only gives 30%.

Best SEO Tip 4.

Unique Content, yes you probably heard about this a thousand times but not just unique Content. You need to create much more unique Content.

Best SEO Tip 5.

You need to start to write for search engines also not just for your reader. Don’t forget to put your keyword phrase on your title, on the first 25 words of your article, and so on. Learn here how to apply keywords to your post. After all, getting into the first page, SERP is about keyword competitions.

Those are some of the best SEO tips for Blogger in 2012 that I believe will help to save you from future Google algorithm update and also increase your organic traffic. If you have more best SEO tips for Blogger in 2012, please share them with us by giving your comment, and if you enjoy this post, please share it with your fellow Blogger so they can be ready for the impact of the future search engine update.

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