SEO Algorithm Updates – How Will They Affect Your SEO Rankings?

SEO is still a hot topic among those who practice SEO professionally. SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO professionals strive to increase the website’s rankings in the Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines results pages (SERPs). SEO professionals also strive to increase website traffic by increasing visibility of the website in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) forums and communities. It seems that SEO professionals have been consumed with learning new techniques, reading books, watching videos, attending seminars, etc.


Since its conception, SEO has evolved dramatically. In recent years, the social networking has become an essential part of SEO, especially since 2021. This made SEO more visible in the SERPs of Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines. On December 19th, the social media RSI ranking hit a new high of 400. The Google search engine update had major implications for SEO, resulting to a number of changes and updates across the SEO community.

Among the major updates, the latest Google update has affected SEO tremendously, and SEO pros have responded in kind. SEO professionals noticed that their organic traffic numbers were falling. This, in turn, made it hard to earn money from advertising, since paid advertisements and sponsored links are no longer an option due to low organic traffic. Furthermore, the desktop version of Google results page had lost some of its appeal to webmasters.

One SEO expert said: “I am very sad to see the decline in SEO results. Although Google’s algorithm update was not that big of a deal, I feel its impact is too much to handle for me. I have learned a lot from the Google platform over the past 4 years, but at the same time I have grown frustrated with some of the Google annoyances (e.g., their ‘card search’ mode, inability to specify font size, and their over-optimization of images). This has greatly reduced the amount of trust I can put in Google.”

Search Engine Optimization professionals, meanwhile, noticed that they are experiencing more algorithm updates than ever before. They feel that the Google updates, which resulted to the current state of affairs, are affecting their SEO practices and even websites that they previously considered to be highly ranked may now experience lower rankings. The SEO industry is also concerned about the future of Google AdSense and other Google ads programs. Google’s AdSense program offers advertisers less targeted ads and, consequently, higher costs. This worry is resulting in many SEO professionals switching back to desktop publishing, as they believe that they can offer better services and attract more customers.

However, others say that there is little effect on SEO and that it is the algorithm updates by Google that really affected rankings. SEO experts say that the major algorithm change is not Google’s, but rather Google’s competitors’ which are using the same techniques on their sites that Google itself is using on its own sites. Furthermore, Google has already launched two major algorithm updates to its organic search and its PPC side. Therefore, according to these SEO professionals, it is best to wait and watch Google’s algorithm updates on their own.

Posted by on July 23, 2021