SEO Has Made Changes to Its Ranking Methods

It has been a hectic month for SEO news! Have you had many Google updates, or the beginning of the Page experience roll out. Plus plenty of other Google and Business features are coming to the net that are Google’s new high road? So finally, do not miss out on first look at WordPress 5.x, and a new, powerful search engine known as Brave. In this article we will look at how we can set up our own SEO optimized website for the latest Google.


Let us start with the most recent update to Google. This new search engine is called Brave. This is really exciting because it means SEO is now dead. SEO is not dead however, but Google has now become the one who decides what is good for the internet world. So if you are using SEO on your site now, read on for some good news.

The Google core web vitals site has removed the links to the social bookmarking sites from the search results. This is a big deal because it means all of those social bookmarking and networking things like StumbleUpon are gone and will be easier for internet marketers to manipulate in the future. It also means that SEO is going to have to find a new strategy to keep itself relevant in the ever-changing web search market.

Another interesting thing that happened recently in SEO news is that Google dropped the idea of showing offline results in their search results. For some time Google has shown the user searches in both the US and UK, but they are now only going to show searches in the UK. This makes sense because many people in the UK use Google, but many people outside of the UK do not. So this is really important for SEO in two ways. First of all, it means that you can target people in the UK who are interested in what you are offering online which is especially good news if you are selling products or services that are based in the UK.

The second thing is that it means that the internal linking scheme is going to change. Currently, Google does not offer any internal links to websites, however they do offer social appearance templates. These are little ads that appear within the search results when someone types in a specific keyword or phrase. They are small and well placed within the search results to ensure that searchers are given a chance to see them. With the new search engine, Google is changing this so that when someone searches for a particular term, the website that appears will be the one that is listed first in its internal linking system.

Hopefully, these changes to the search engines will mean a new beginning for SEO. In the past, SEO professionals have been frustrated with Google’s methods when it comes to ranking sites. They felt that the long and arduous process of getting high rankings was becoming too onerous of a task for most webmasters. However, now with the new updates, the process for SEO will be simplified and this should mean a more friendly approach from Google to webmasters who want to improve their SEO.

Posted by on July 14, 2021