SEO Specialist Discusses Long-Term Strategies With HootSuite

SEO is an essential component of online marketing, which focuses on making your site search-friendly so as to boost its rankings in organic results. While some aspects are timeless and well-known best practice, such as ensuring meta tags are correctly attributed, other SEO trends seem to come and go on a daily basis. The good news is that with the correct analysis and some forward thinking, SEO can be a powerful asset for any business, whether small or large. SEO trends can change from month to month and sometimes even from day to day. Knowing what has been effective for your competitors can help you adopt SEO trends which may be less successful but can still provide a positive impact.


One SEO trend which seems to have remained strong is page load speed. Many users have grown tired of websites which take ages to load, and this has negative effects on their user experience. Whilst it’s not impossible to achieve a high page load speed, if you want to ensure that your user experience is not adversely affected, then it’s important to keep your page loading speed at a reasonable level. You should also ensure that any scripts or codes used within your site are optimised for optimal page speed.

In the past year, we’ve seen a shift in the focus away from SEO towards social media. Many site owners are unsure how they can effectively target social media in an SEO context, and many SEO experts have embraced this as a marketing opportunity. With this changing focus, it is important to understand that social elements are most effective for SEO and which must remain elements of SEO for these marketing tools to work.

One area that has seen a lot of development in terms of user experience is video sharing. YouTube is now seeing more SEO success stories, with services such as HootSuite seeing huge growth in monthly views. Whilst video sharing is fantastic for SEO and it continues to be one of the top search engine optimisation trends, this shouldn’t be seen as the end of your online video efforts. Instead, it’s important that you continue to optimise and improve your video page rank. The quality of the video and the tags used can have a profound impact on how well your video will be ranked by search engines. HootSuite has been using high-quality live content to build a solid reputation for itself amongst video site owners, and so it is important that you utilise this same strategy to improve your own page rank.

As mentioned above, Google has announced that it is going to be penalising the quality of links provided to a website. Whilst this doesn’t affect link building strategies which have been used for months or years, the algorithm change means that SEO professionals who are looking to achieve long-term SEO success need to think carefully about which backlinks they are adding. We’ve previously discussed the benefits of adding in lots of new, quality backlinks from high PageRank sites. Whilst doing this is important to your overall SEO success, you also need to look at where the links are coming from and why they are coming from if you want to continue to see results from this part of SEO.

In short, there are many things that SEO professionals should look at when trying to achieve long-term success with their online marketing campaigns, but the most important thing for SEO professionals to remember is that there is no magic bullet. You need to continually optimise your website and improve your overall optimization campaign to ensure that you get maximum SEO results from your efforts. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with a budget, limited resources or lots of money, if you don’t continue to do the things which SEO professionals have done successfully before you won’t achieve the success that you are hoping for. As ever, when it comes to SEO, what you do today can make a huge difference to the results you achieve tomorrow.

Posted by on July 14, 2021